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Hi, Fiona Joi here!  which is my professional stage and screen name “Fiona the princess inspired me so much as a little girl, she gave me the confidence to do any and everything. Joi is what I like to bring to each and every situation and project that’s I’m involved in or presented with. I was born Watisha Thomas in Bridgeport, Connecticut . At a very early age my parents started me in dance classes, music lessons, and poise classes teaching me the importance of eating correctly, exercise and proper rest. Early on my parents enrolled me in stage productions, recitals and dance competitions I always won or placed very high. Our family moved southward and settled in W. Columbia, SC, where I excelled  academically as well as in extra curriculum   activities and sports. I graduated with honors “where I received a scholarship from Upward Bound to attend Paine College in Augusta, Ga. I started modeling in my teens “I really love being a spokesperson and brand ambassador, whether  it's  with Products or Apparel. “I love the entertainment industry".  

One of my favorite saying is (“I love to dance, sing, and act “which acting is my passion”. I’m true to myself, unsure of a few things except love. If you’re a friend of mine it’s for a reason, I like meeting new people and keeping in touch with the ones I know”) I started my professional career in 2013, I currently reside in the  Atlanta area  I'm looking forward to  finishing school in the winter of 2019 with a degree in Business Management, I love Atlanta where I am exposed to the fast pace of fashion, music and entertainment. I also teach yoga, take dance classes and recently enrolled in acting classes and now for the first time I have major representation with Thomas Management Group in Atlanta Ga. I am looking forward to all that the industry has to offer me until then “I will keep my head to the sky, stay humble and keep grinding” . Waiting for the day I hear these words " and the award goes to"………. Thank you for landing on my page.